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About Us 

StockQ is a India's best in Advisory services and consulting. We enable clients in 4 countries to navigate their Finance transformation. With over eight years of experience in managing the Portfolio's and Advisory services, we expertly steer our clients through their financial journey. We do it by enabling the enterprise with an AI-powered core that helps prioritize the execution of change. We also empower the business with Discipline at scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and client delight. Our always-on learning agenda drives their continuous improvement through building and transferring  skills, expertise, and ideas from our Technical and Fundamental  analysis.

The StockQ Story

In 2010, the company was founded on the principle of building and implementing great ideas that drive progress for clients and enhance lives through consistence services. For over eight years, we have been a company focused on bringing to life great ideas and discipline manner services that drive progress for our clients.We recognize the importance of nurturing relationships that reflect our culture of unwavering ethics and mutual respect. StockQ has a growing global presence with 1000+ employees. At StockQ, we believe our responsibilities extend beyond business. That is why we established the StockQ Foundation – to provide assistance to some of the more socially and economically depressed sectors of the communities in which we work. And that is why we behave ethically and honestly in all our interactions – with our clients, our partners, and our employees.


The values we live by

If there's one thing that defines the most successful companies, it's not their bottom line - it's their values. At StockQ, the values we stand by have made us who we are today. They've shaped our culture, our work ethics, and our decisions; helping us push the envelope and be more than what we were yesterday.

Client Value

To surpass client expectations consistently.

Leadership by Example

To set standards in our business and transactions, and to be an exemplar for the industry and ourselves.

Integrity and Transparency

To be ethical and sincere in all our transactions.


To be objective and transaction-oriented, and thereby earn trust and respect.


To strive relentlessly; constantly improve ourselves, our teams, and our services and products to become the best.

We have a unique approach

While it is often believed that innovation occurs in spontaneous and unplanned aha! moments, the truth is innovation is a force of habit. We need to train ourselves to think constantly, approaching old problems in new ways, and recognizing gaps that may not always be apparent. At StockQ, innovation is everybody's job.

Our grassroots approach to innovation means it encourages everyone to stay focused on it all the time, rather than in between things. In fact, it is this unique approach to innovation that has made problem finding and solving second nature to us and has helped us set ourselves apart in the industry.

We look beyond business

Can a business learn to look beyond the numbers? Can it use its profits to help others profit as well? Does taking giant strides mean having to leave others behind? These are some of the questions that led to the development of our sustainability policy. We believe that organisations need to focus on more than their 90-day rhythms, emphasizing instead on generating real value and impacting lives

As a responsible corporate citizen, we invest heavily in research to find new ways of bringing about positive changes in our communities. A strong sense of social responsibility is an integral part of our value system. The interests of our employees, our business partners, our local communities, and the environment come ahead of our own; and we work in a manner that supports their growth and well-being at all time